Private Maven Repositories, without the server.

Deps is a private, hosted Maven repository service. It runs on our highly available infrastructure, so you don't need to run it on yours.

Deploy and retrieve your JARs in development, CI, and production. Compatible with all of your JVM based tooling including Maven, Gradle, SBT, Leiningen, Boot, and Ivy.

Highly Available Infrastructure

No more SSHing in to the server because a disk filled up. Deps provides a highly available service, so your team can focus on their work without disruptions.

Private and Secure

Your code is one of the most important pieces of intellectual property your company owns. Deps takes security of your JARs extremely seriously. Deps provides permissions and audit logs to control user and infrastructure access. End to end HTTPS is standard and required.

Native Maven Repository

Deps provides a private native Maven repository that all your tooling understands. No plugins to install, and it works out of the box with Jenkins, Travis, Circle CI, IntelliJ, Eclipse, and everything else you'd expect.



Private Maven Repository, Cloud hosted, SNAPSHOT repository support, multiple repositories, User and Machine Accounts. 14 day free trial.


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Advanced Permissions, Proxy Repositories, Component Intelligence.

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On Premise or Private Cloud Installations.

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"It's awesome - I've been using it for a week or two and it made a thorny problem with a bunch of proprietary and outdated jar files way easier to deal with. It probably saved me a full day or two of work figuring things out."

Shaun Mahood