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Apache Archiva is a well known Maven repository manager, having been around since 2005. It is free and open source. Some of the benefits of Deps over Archiva are:


Deps is an alternative to Apache Archiva. The main point of difference is that Deps is a hosted service, you don’t need to run it yourself. We take care of all security updates, high availability, failover, backups, and all of the other things that you need to run a reliable Maven repository. You can do this with Archiva as well of course, but it costs engineering time to setup, secure, maintain, and update the server. Additionally, you still need to pay for the server that your Archiva instance runs on.

Continuously Maintained and Improved

Deps continuously improves and maintains their Maven repositories to add new features, and support new tooling.

Dedicated support

Deps provides dedicated support, if you have any issues with either Deps, or general Maven configuration, get in touch and we can help you out.

Downsides to Deps

  • If you need to run your Maven repository inside the firewall, then Archiva is a better option for you. (Currently, if you’re interested in an on-premise trial, get in touch.)
  • If you are targeting the lowest possible cost and already have a server to run Archiva on, then this may be a cheaper option for you. Don’t forget to include the cost of maintaining the server though.

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