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Deps supports Maven repositories in Leiningen natively, with no plugins required. Get up and running in seconds: just sign-up, add the snippet below to your project.clj, and run lein deploy.

  :repositories {"releases"  {:url           "https://repo.deps.co/acme/releases"
                              :username      :env/deps_key
                              :password      :env/deps_secret}
                 "snapshots" {:url           "https://repo.deps.co/acme/snapshots"
                              :username      :env/deps_key
                              :password      :env/deps_secret
                              :sign-releases false}}

All repositories come with HTTPS on by default, so you won’t get errors from Leiningen like “Tried to use insecure HTTP repository without TLS”.

Deps integrates natively with Leiningen plugins, including lein-ancient, and lein-dependency-check.

Sign up now to start deploying your Clojure artifacts.