Announcing Deps Versions

Nov 13, 2017 by Daniel Compton

Today I’m happy to announce Deps Versions. Deps Versions lets you add a badge to your Clojure projects on GitHub, to show when your dependencies are up to date, or not. Here is one for re-frame, a project I help maintain.

Dependencies Status

The badge was created from this Markdown snippet:

[![Dependencies Status](](

You can create badges for any open source project on GitHub, by entering its slug into the search box. Deps Versions provides badges in Markdown and HTML for SVG and PNG images.

Deps Versions is based on a fork of Jarkeeper. I created Deps Versions after was down for several weeks (still down at the time of writing). I’m very grateful to Hashobject for running Jarkeeper for many years, and open sourcing Jarkeeper.

Deps Versions is open source. Please open issues and Pull Requests for any bugs, improvements, or features that you would like to see. Future features that I’d like to add include support for other languages and tooling, notifications to project maintainers when their dependencies are out of date, and notifications to project users when a project has a new version. I hope you find Deps Versions useful in keeping your project dependencies up to date.